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Since he's lv 10, he's sent to a foundation to prepare, which is likewise where he meets his adoration intrigue Xiao Wu (with whom he ends up sworn kin, since that is not done before *cough*OnePiece*cough*) and his first ace (the Grandmaster), who causes him to make his grass valuable by utilizing poison. Yet, he's OP af, as though god put his hand on his shoulder while saying 'you, yes you, will end up being the one' xD that sort of bs. They can catch soul monster by slaughtering them and retaining the spirits of the mammoth so as to utilize the brutes powers/capacities. Obviously, the MC has level 10 control, in spite of the fact that he has a 'garbage soul', which is grass.

Read Soul Land 198 raw english online for free.
Here you can read Soul Land 198 raw english online for free.

How are you enjoying Soul Land chapter 198 raw? I generally incline toward perusing English materials, regardless of whether the interpretation isn't that great. From those 7 individuals, 2 are bolster class contenders (revealed to you it resembles a RPG), and obviously they're all virtuosos, since we as a whole love OP characters in our accounts.